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Titanium №2 2012




1. A. Ilyin, S. Skvortsova, O. Gvozdeva, V. Pozhoga

Formation of thermally stable structure in titanium alloys with high content of aluminum during thermohydrogen treatment

2. А.Ilyin, J. Egorova, S. Skvortsova, A. Mamonov, N. Nochovnaya, L. Davidenko

Domestic titanium alloys different type classifications

3. M. Kollerov, E. Agarkova, M. Afonina, E. Shinaeva

Influence of hydrogen on mechanism of hardened alloys plastic deformation in Ti-Nb system

4. A. Mamonov, A. Neiman, N. Gavrjushenko, E. Agarkova

Theoretical and experimental analysis of standardized methods and results of technical testing of friction pairs in titanium alloy endoprostheses

5. S. Demakov, F. Vodolazskiy,  M. Ryzhkov, S. Stepanov, D. Gadeev

Diagrams of continuous cooling transformations for VT8M titanium alloy

6. Yu. Ivanov,  E. Budovskikh , V. Gromov, N. Soskova, S. Raijkov

Phase constitution and structure of the titanium surface layers after electroexplosive carburizing and subsequent electron beam treatment




7. A. Alexakhin, I. Ilychev , A. Zhaglovskaya , M. Volkov

Leasing – alternative way of capital assets financing of the titanium enterprise




8. To the 60-year anniversary Alexander  Ilyin

9. To the 75-year anniversary Igor Polkin

10. «MATI -Russian State Technological University named after K.E. Tsiolkovsky» -80 years

11. FSUE "All-Russian Scientific Research Institute Of Aviation Materials" – 80 years




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