Content 4/2012




1. S. Skvortsova, A. Ovchinnikov, D. Dzunovich, A. Shalin, N. Mamontova

Influence of chemical composition and additional hydrogen alloying on deformative behavior of titanium alloys under the higher temperatures

2. B. Krivitsky, К. Arsentieva

Improving of methodology for determination of titanium alloys rheological properties

3. S. Raikov, V. Gromov, D. Sherstobitov, Yu. Ivanov, S. Konovalov

Formation of submicro and nanostructures layers in titanium alloys under pulse energy flows treatment. Experiment and theory comparision

4. O. Hadzhieva, A. Illarionov, A. Popov

Influence of hydrogen on the process of structure formation and deformability of the alloy on the basis of orthorhombic titanium aluminide

5. I. Logachev, V. Razumovsky, I. Razumovsky, K. Kosyrev, A. Logacheva

Development of theoretic procedure for equilibrium evaluation of chemical composition in heat-resistant titanium alloy of new generation and creation of compositional optimization method in titanium alloys




6. А. Kochetkov

Manufacturing of figurine-shaped parts from titanium alloys by technological robots of bending with stretching

7. I. Polkin, I. Nikitin, N. Burago

Production of titanium components with Tailor-made structure and properties

Keywords: powders, electron-beam melting, additive technology, tailor-made structure and properties.




8. N. Nochovnaya, E. Alekseev, A. Izotova, A. Novak

Fireproof titanium alloys and peculiarities of their application

9. S. Voznii, S. Evteeva, V. Talalay, А. Kochetkov

Features of titanium diocside application upon manufacture of road materials for road marking




10. To the 85-year anniversary Vladislav Tetyukhin

11 .To the 65-year anniversary Petr Altman