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    Interstate Association "Titan" was founded in 1991 on titanium production enterprises and industry institutes initiative. Interstate Association "Titan" had a significant role in industry of CIS in reorganization and economic reforms period after USSR disintegration, especially in downswing period of titanium output production and consumption in 1990-s. In these years main focus of Board of Directors and Board of Executive Directors was on:Marketing research into worldwide market of titanium production,Coordination of titanium enterprises and institutes in quality area,Making the unitary technical policy for quality and competitiveness improvement of production output,Coordination of association members work in scientific research and publishing. In connection with the slump of titanium production and consumption in defense industry, line of titanium usage were revised and remade. Programs of raw materials base development, technical improvement and reconstruction of factories, titanium application range expansion and also reduction of production costs were made with active participation of enterprises and institutes specialists – members of association. The result of 10 years work of Interstate Association "Titan" was the keeping of production, scientific and the cadre potential of the branch.


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