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Regulations for Associated Members of Interstate Association “Titan”



     In accordance with the objective and types of activities of Close Corporation Interstate Association “Titan”, hereinafter “Association”, these regulations establish the rules based on which the status of the “Associated Member” of the Association can be granted to or lost by legal persons as well as general membership rules.



The Associated Members have the right to: 


Participate in the annual meetings of the Association having the right of the advisory vote; 


Nominate their representatives to run for the Association Board of Directors; 


Use the registered Trade Mark of the Association on their letterheads; 


Contribute to creation and implementation of scientific & technical and economic policy for titanium production as well as to expansion of its fields of application; 


Manage research and development activities aimed at improvement of titanium manufacturing practices and its effective application in different spheres; 


Participate in organizational, mediatorial, advertising, publishing and other information activities of the Association in order to develop a great potential being inherent to titanium; 


Subscribe to “Titan” periodical free of charge; 


Place the information at the web-site of the Association; 


Take part in the seminars and “round-table” discussions held under the aegis of the Association without any registration fee; 


Take part in international activities of the Association; 


Get support from the Association while participating in major international activities associated with titanium; 



Associated Members are given the opportunity to: 


Use the advantages of the Association for consultations, contacts, exchange of questions and offers with highly-qualified specialists in the sphere of titanium application; 


Participate in various activities such as scientific & technical conferences held on a regular basis where one can learn about state-of-the art technical ideas, development trends, scientific studies, “know-hows” as well as industry and market conditions. Moreover, registration fee discount is available at the conferences and exhibitions held by the Association; 


Establish professional, constructive, business and personal contacts with the leading representatives of domestic and foreign titanium science and industry in order to take over their knowledge and experience, learn how to succeed and get broader vision of the problems the titanium science and industry face with; 


Get competent assistance from the Association, when required, to protect and support their interests if any technical, economic or legislative problem arises; 


Publish articles in “Titan” periodical of the Association, released four times a year in Russian, and receive periodic issues; 


Place advertisements for products and services in “Titan” publication, including  of the advertising column published every year free of charge plus additional advertisements with a 30 % discount. Transfer of free advertising space to the third parties is not allowed.



Any state, private or other companies, firms and corporations regardless of the country being engaged into regular activities related to the production or consumption of titanium – direct manufacturers of titanium and its alloys: melters of pre-form and shaped castings, processors dealing with rolling, extrusion, forging and die-forging operations, wire processing; mining companies producing raw materials (mining and ore-dressing, production of pigments, titanium sponge, master alloys), metal recycling companies, distributors, manufacturers of finished titanium products and their end users can become Associated Members upon payment of the annual membership fee.  



 The annual membership fee for the Associated Members is USD 1000, including VAT, and it can be paid in rubles at the exchange rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation as of the date of payment. The annual membership fee for Academic Institutions and Educational Establishments is USD 300, including VAT. 



 The status of the Associated Member is suspended when the membership fee is not paid by January 31 for the next membership year. 



 Managers of the companies - Associated Members can nominate one or more employees as their representatives for coordination with the Executive Management of the Association


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